Soy-Free Tocopherols with Double Function as a
High-Performance Antioxidant and Vitamin E Fortification

Protect your formula while fortifying it with Vitamin E

Key Benefits

Clean-label Natural Tocopherols

Powerful protection from rancidity

High alpha tocopherol concentration delivers Vitamin E fortification

Non-GMO origin guaranteed

Non allergenic origin

Nutripherol is the most clean label high performance antioxidant for personal care.

Nutripherol protects cosmetic formulations from oxidative degradation of fatty acids and its negative impact on the esthetic and organoleptic perception. But also, Nutripherol protects the active substances in the formulation so that they do not lose their effectiveness due to oxidation.

Mixed tocopherols from rapeseed are composed of a unique combination of d-α and d-γ-tocopherol. Nutripherol furnishes cosmetic formulations with a sufficient level of Vitamin E (d-α-tocopherol) to supplement skin with protective antioxidants and at the same time ensures stability of the product against oxidative degradation.

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What makes Nutripherol different

In accelerated performance tests using Rancimat, Nutripherol delivers virtually identical protection when compared to the same concentration of soybean-sourced tocopherols, with all the benefits of a clean-label product upcycled from a secure and sustainable source.

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Typical applications

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