Natural Vitamin E From Sunflower

Clean Label Vitamin E from Sunflower. Prevents cell oxidation.

Key Benefits

All-natural d-alpha tocopherol

Twice as potent as synthetic from

Upcycled from Sunflower by-product

No chemical modification processes

Non-GMO by definition

Non-allergenic origin

Vitamin E is a key ingredient to prevent the harmful effects caused by radical species on the skin.

Why Sun E cares your skin

Pure d-α-tocopherol is unsurpassed to protect the skin against effects of aging and UV induced damages. During aging, however, antioxidant levels in the skin decrease why external supplementation of d-α-tocopherols to the skin is recommended to maintain it protected from oxidation 

As one of the few vegetable oils, sunflower oil contains mainly d-α-tocopherol, which makes it the most natural and efficient source for obtaining vitamin E on an industrial scale, without incurring chemical modifications of the molecule.

Recently bio-efficiency of Sun E has been proved to be at least twice as potent as synthetic Vitamin E. Research also shows greater accumulation of α -tocopherol in all tissues when RRR- form is supplied, and this provides greater health protection. Thus, Sun E is the preferred source of this important nutrient

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Naturalness of the different types of Vitamin E

Plant-derived tocopherols vary in their amount and composition of -α, -β, -ɣ and -δ tocopherol. In many vegetable oils such as soybean non-alpha tocopherols predominate with a content of approx. 80%

Their conversion into d-α-Tocopherol involves chemical processes to modify the molecule.

In Sun E deriving from sun-flower oil, however, more than 90% of the naturally present Tocopherols consist of d-α-Tocopherol. Therefore, no chemical processes are required to obtain d-α-Tocopherol from sunflowers.

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