Acerca de AOM

Our mission

To manufacture excellent products that improve the quality of life in our society, applying technological innovation to transform raw materials obtained from nature.

Our vision

AOM seeks to continue exploring new opportunities based on the availability of natural resources through innovation and sustainability.

Our world is natural.
Our expertise is industrial

Global Presence and Facilities

Providing solutions to sectors such as food, personal care, pet food and others, and with clients in more than 30 countries, AOM is recognized as a leading player in this industry.

AOM has plants in Argentina and Spain strategically located to cover both hemispheres, thus getting closer to its raw materials and main markets.

Code of Conduct

Human Aspects

At AOM we guarantee sound health and welfare conditions for everyone. Our company respects human rights, promotes a work environment free of incidents and injuries, and suppliers treat their workers in a just, fair, and respectful manner.

Environmental Aspects

We promote the responsible use of resources and seek to prevent pollution by delivering products which comply with specific quality and security standards. Suppliers must assure and prove their commitment to taking care of the environment.

Economic Aspects

Every transaction is carried out with integrity in our company. We follow ethical principles, respect the law and existing regulations. We conduct business based on loyal competition so our clients and suppliers follow our code of conduct.

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