AOM and Vitafoods, together by nature

Between the 10th and the 12th of May AOM will participate in Vitafoods 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland, to show their latest innovations in natural ingredients, in an environment that is unique for establishing contacts, generating alliances and sharing knowledge about sustainable nutrition with the entire industry.   

AOM is centered in the development of highly differentiated natural ingredients and has a wide range of applications in diverse sectors, from nutrition and food to cosmetics and animal feed.   

Advanced Organic Materials exports to the whole world and is the only producer of its category with a factory in Europe, and with participation in Vitafoods Europe 22 will have fundamental results to empower their commercial development. This year, the products to be exhibited are:  Sun E, Nutripherol, Advantiox, Advasterol and Sunvolec.

Why do we participate in Vitafoods?

It is one of the most important fairs for industrial nutrition globally and it promises to gather, connect and inspire the whole nutraceutic community in Geneva, where it will be held this year. 

We hope to see you at stand K32 at Vitafoods to meet you, plan collaborations, share ideas, tell you about the virtues of our innovative ingredients and discover new providers, between the expositions of technical experts and opinion leaders on nutraceutics.