The Purity of Natural

Raw materials from natural source

Our purpose is

To manufacture excellent products that improve the quality of life in our society, applying technological innovation to transform raw materials obtained from nature.

A solution for every need

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We develop tailored products for the specific needs of the industry

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Clean Label

We take serious thinking in all our processing lines, to make sure that all of our final products are as natural as our raw materials. With our physical separation processes, we sell the molecule exactly as produced by the plant, and as Nature intended.


In AOM we are committed to the environment, we look for ways to obtain the best use of natural resources already available to the established industry.

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Producing our premium natural ingredients requires a global supply base of the highest quality raw materials

We are seeking local partners in new markets to accompany us in our journey.


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      AOM Is Now Part of the Kensing Family

      Further expanding our natural vitamin E and phytosterols product offerings and geographic reach.