AOM renews its image and updates the brand for its two most emblematic products

Being immersed in a clear strategy where we lean into the client to better understand their needs, questions and supply concrete solutions to their problems or needs,  Advanced Organic Materials (AOM) has opted to also update our corporate image and rename some of our emblematic brands. 

Without losing the essence of our historic image, our corporate logo has been subtly updated to not lose the recognition it has acquired over all these years, simplifying its strokes and renewing the writing of its letters, but maintaining the most representative corporate colors in its icon.

Rebranding of brands

On the other hand, the tocopherol mixes of vegetable origin will now be called Advantiox, leaving their old name Tocomix behind. This name goes beyond simply identifying the ingredient (mixed tocopherols), to focus more on the client. Advantiox is a proposal of natural antioxidant solutions that help to protect certain products from oxidation in industries as technical as those of Foods, Dietary Supplements Cosmetics and Pet Food, among others. 

The final user demand to consciously live a healthier life, and the governamental norms from various countries, have favored the development of natural alternatives to those classic synthetic antioxidants, ever more restricted, and even prohibited, in more and more countries. 

It is precisely in this search to offer cleaner and more trustworthy alternatives, AOM continues to investigate new sources of raw materials that guarantee clear and safe labeling for their clients and most definitely for their end user. Products like Nutripherol, formerly called Tocomix R, acquire such relevance that they deserve to be presented, not just as a mix of tocopherols, but as an Antioxidant and Nutritional solution (Nutrition-Tocopherol), seeing as it has a naturally rich composition of alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E), it adds the efficient protection of “non alpha-tocopherols” and an important dose of vitamin E. 

Nutripherol is a mix of tocopherols that have been extracted from European Rapeseed 00, that AOM obtains at the Valencia plant when recovering certain byproducts that are not utilized by the oil industry in its oil refinement process.

This sub-product called Deo-Distillates (DOD) is the prime base material to obtain Tocopherols, and in the case of European Rapeseed 00, it guarantees that the product is of non GMO origin product and non allergenic by definition. 

Faithful to its original idea, AOM’s philosophy continues to be to provide natural solutions that improve people’s quality of life while collaborating with the sustainability of the planet, to recover those natural resources that certain essential industries cannot take advantage of in their production process, something that would not be possible without the personal contribution of each one of the components of a human team committed to and conscious of the fact that each step is essential to reach success.

AOM, your Natural partner in “More than Antioxidant Solutions”.