New Advasterol Ester, now available.

Taking Advasterol Ester to the next level has resonated well with our customers.  We have received excellent feedback regarding our product’s order lead time and sensory characteristics.  In particular, customers are pleased with the minimal impact Advasterol Ester has on finished product color, taste and smell, allowing their products to reach the consumer exactly as their formulators intended.

Advasterol Ester is part of the wider Advasterol family of sterols, used as the key ingredient in a wide range of food, drink and nutritional supplements targeting cholesterol reduction.  We supply Advasterol, in powder form for use in solid products, Advasterol WD (water dispersible) for water-based food and beverage applications, and Advasterol Ester for fat-soluble carriers.  All of these formats are available with IP certification for Non-GMO and have received Novel Foods Substantial Equivalence statement for use in the EU.