Nutripherol from Rapeseed

As tocopherols continue to grow as one of the leading natural antioxidants in a wide number of industries, finished products manufacturers continue to increase raw material standards to appeal to consumers and differentiate from their competitors.  With clean label products as one of the key objectives, demand for tocopherols continues to shift towards non-GMO, allergen-free products. 

In response to this, AOM has introduced Nutipherol, the first pure rapeseed tocopherol product in the market.  It is derived exclusively from the Rapeseed 00 variety, thus guaranteeing non-GMO origin, and is excluded from allergen labelling requirements in most countries.  Delivering a unique combination of powerful protection from lipid peroxidation together with vitamin E fortification, Nutipherol has a wide range of applications.

“Nutipherol is a natural next step following our successful development of Sun-E, the original sunflower tocopherols we launched in 2011,” says Alejandro Abad, CEO of AOM.  “It fills a gap in the market, and is a major step in expanding our clean label portfolio.”  Ever since the development of Advantiox IP, AOM’s first Non-GMO product offering, the company has continued to focus on anticipating the market’s demand for more sophisticated products.

Nutipherol is available in multiple concentrations and formats, contact us to learn more.