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After decades of research and innovation in the field of natural antioxidants, at AOM we are aware of the new direction that the world of personal care and cosmetics has taken in search of Natural alternatives to replace conventional ingredients of synthetic origin.

Upcycling to provide natural solutions

Helping your skin look younger

Solutions for Oxygen and Radicals

Two risk factors for cosmetics products and the skin

What does oxidation do?

Oxidation is one of the main causes for deterioration of cosmetic products. 
Oxidative degradation of fatty acids not only has a negative impact on the esthetic perception of a formulation, but also active substances defining the function of the cosmetic product can be destroyed.

Also, inside the human skin oxygen and radical species can attack biomolecules and impair their biological function.
Radical oxidation reactions can induce micro-inflammations and subsequently lead to premature aging of the skin as a visible result.

Natural protection against oxidative deterioration

The first-choice antioxidants to protect cosmetic formulations and the skin against oxidative damages.

Highly soluble in the oil phase they capture noxious molecules right where they are generated and by this protect value and function of the cosmetic formulation.

Although accessible as dl-racemats by chemical synthesis, the efficacy of naturally derived tocopherols exceeds the one of synthetic dl-tocopherol by a factor of two. 

The widest range of tocopherols

Obtained from different sources like, Sunflower, European Rapeseed, or non-GMO Soy, the natural composition of each of them, produces a mixture of tocopherols with different antioxidant properties.
AOM offers a complete range of natural tocopherols guaranteeing the absence of genetic manipulation. By choosing a tocopherol from the right source, these different properties can be explored selectively, and desired cosmetic functions can be realized in the most natural way.

Soy Free Tocopherols. Dual Function: Antioxidant + Vitamin E.

Natural antioxidant solutions based on mixed tocopherols.

Clean Label Vitamin E from Sunflower. Prevents cell oxidation.

Prevent skin from drying out

How plant-sterols benefit skin

Stimulates collagen production and support moisture retention

 Keeps the structural integrity of the cell membrane

Research studies support their collagen-restoring abilities

Improves skin metabolism

Further supporting moisture retention

Reduces inflammation in the skin

An in vitro study found that skin cells exposed to stigmasterol and beta-sitosterol showed lower levels of enzymes that degrade collagen, which resulted in increased collagen secretion. This helps the skin to retain its youthful appearance and also delays the development of wrinkles.
Beta-sitosterol is used in sun care formulas (during and after) to support skin inflamed by sun exposure. It also has been shown to provide relief of atopic dermatitis, and even helps accelerate healthy wound repair, scar reduction, and in improving barrier function (the skin’s ability to retain moisture.)

Plant Sterols stimulate collagen production and moisture retention

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