Plant-Based Tocopherols

Natural antioxidant solutions based on mixed tocopherols.

Advantiox is the new brand replacing Tocomix that better fits our current products but also future developments

Key Benefits

All-natural mixed tocopherols

Non-GMO: Hard IP certification at individual lot level

Upcycled from edible oil refining by-products

Advantiox has a high capacity against the oxidative radicals, one of the main causes for deterioration of cosmetic products

Oxidative degradation of fatty acids not only has a negative impact on the esthetic perception of a formulation, but also active substances defining the function of the cosmetic product can be destroyed.

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What makes Advantiox different

Rich in d−γ- and d-δ-tocopherols, Advantiox has a high oxidative radical scavenging capacity in vitro, postulating itself as a very effective antioxidant to protect many oils and fats from oxidation and prevent formulations from unwanted rancidity that It negatively affects the odor, taste, color, and shelf life of finished products.

But also the antioxidant action of tocopherol helps to preserve the activity and functionality of the formulation by protecting the active principle, prolonging the expected qualities until consumption.

Advantiox Family Products

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