Vitamins For A Well-Balanced Diet

Our body is a tireless warrior that fights against daily attacks from viruses and bacteria or free radicals that age our cells. But we can help it boost its defenses with the foods we eat so that it has more weapons to defend itself.

As the popular saying goes: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. If we eat responsibly and stay active, we will be reducing the chance of getting diseases. Besides, it is more convenient and cheaper than getting sick, being hospitalized or undergoing surgery.

There are many nutrients that can be part of a well-balanced diet. Below we will introduce you to two natural ingredients that our company Advanced Organic Materials (AOM) produces and exports around the world. They are available in various formats and have many uses in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Natural vitamin E 

Vitamin E is a natural health-promoting substance found in foods such as vegetable oils, nuts and green leafy vegetables. This vitamin is an essential nutrient which has antioxidant properties for the brain, blood, eyes, skin and reproductive system.

Our line of products related to nutrition, includes the product SUN E, which is the authentically natural vitamin E extracted from sunflower fatty acids. These fatty acids, by their very nature, contain a high concentration of alpha-tocopherol, which is a specific form of vitamin E. This means that the production process for extracting only requires physical processes, and not chemical modifications as in the case of vitamin E when derived from soy, which is the most commonly consumed. It should be noted that natural vitamin E is twice as bioavailable as the synthetic form.

It is a very versatile product that can be used as an essential nutrient and food supplement in soft gel capsules, ingredients for both animal and human food products, and personal care products.

Currently, the demand for natural and organic products are on the rise and, thanks to the investment AOM has made in state-of-the-art technology, our product SUN E contains no allergens, gluten, lactose, alcohol, or ingredients derived from animal meat. The sunflower oil we use was not genetically modified and we are Kosher and Halal certified.


Another natural nutrient we need are phytosterols, which are plant-based substances that are found in higher concentrations in vegetable oils, cereals and nuts. Both animals and plants need sterols in order to develop their cells’ membranes.

Phytosterols are our allies when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle because they help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and total cholesterol in the body, but without altering the levels of good cholesterol (HDL). In this way, these substances contribute to lower risks of heart attacks or strokes. They also have anti-inflammatory properties.

AOM produces this natural ingredient under the name ADVASTEROL from different vegetable oils: sunflower, rapeseed and soybean. We offer it in several formats and it has many uses in food products used for baking, dairy beverages, cereal bars, salad dressings, cooking fats and margarine, juices, and in pharmaceutical products like pills and tablets.