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Adding value in partnership

Producing our premium natural ingredients requires a global supply base of the highest quality raw materials.

We work closely with our suppliers, recognized producers of refined vegetable oils, to build long-term partnerships that maximize value across the supply chain.

Our focus is to secure stable sources of the most distinguished raw materials to deliver the purest products to our customers while improving our suppliers’ profitability through technical collaboration.

Our most important raw material is vegetable oil Deodorizer Distillate (DOD), a byproduct of the oil refining process.
More specifically, we procure this material from the following sources:

Sunflower DOD
IP-Certified Non GMO
Soybean DOD
Rapeseed DOD

If you are a refiner of one or more of the above, please contact us via the link below to discuss collaboration opportunities, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Let’s grow together

AOM is a recognized manufacturer of highly specialized and sought-after natural ingredients, covering a variety of Industries and applications worldwide.

Our business is rapidly expanding to keep up with an ever more demanding market: we constantly invest in production capacity and new product development.

We are seeking local partners in new markets to accompany us in our journey.

Combining your knowledge and established relationships of trust with key players in their markets, together with the AOM brand and product range, we are convinced we can continue to deliver a compelling proposition to new markets.

If you are a distributor in one of the following markets and looking to add new products to our portfolio, please contact us via the link below to discuss collaboration opportunities:

Food and Beverage
Nutrition and Supplements
Personal Care
Pet Food and Feed

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