Product freshness is one of the key concerns for many consumer products.

Antioxidants are needed to protect fat-based products from oxidation, which deteriorates taste, smell and color over time.

AOM specializes in the production of Natural Tocopherols from the widest range of sources in the market-discover more about our clean label offering and the custom blends we can produce for you.


Nature is our laboratory.

Our ingredients help fortify our customer’s prodcuts to deliver the health benefits of some of the most powerful and best know molecules in the plant world.

Our proven fortification ingredients have special focus o Cardiovascular health and reduction of free radicals.

Find the ideal ingredient and format for our needs.


As part of our industrial operations, we produce a vast and growing line of bulk materials capable of reaching very different markets, such as: Cosmetic, Animal Feed, Agroindustrial, and energy among others.


A pioneer in the Argentine Biodiesel industry, AOM began production in 2006, entirely focused on the export market.

We currently dedicate our entire production to the domestic market, with the major oil companies blending our biodiesel with their fuel and powering argentine transport.


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